About us

Matrixkicker or Brainkicker is a special project to change the behaviour of the body and the mind by using certain frequencies, calles binaural beats, silent subliminals. isochronic tones and others. The frequencies that you can find here have been tested with many subjects. Here we have copied the frequencies of people in certain states of the brain. If someone is ill, we copy the brain frequencies of a healthy man and apply it to the man with the illness. So the brain can get familiar with healthy brain states and so with a healthy body again. This is the principle and you can use it for every possible state of brain, body and mind.

Jonathan Dilas is a researcher of consciousness and a researcher for altered states of consciousness. He already has published several books about astral travel, lucid dreaming, states of dissociation and the decalcifying of the pineal gland. His researches have helped mmany people to develope their latent abilities. With Matrixkicker he started a music project with undermixed frequencies that change the oscillation of the brain to intended patterns. The brain of a healthy person vibrates in another frequency than a person with a disease. If one simulates the brain waves of a healthy for a diseased person, then a diseased person can return to full recovery, it can be healed. A person that uses telepathy will have another brainwave as a person that cannot. An intelligent person will have another brain frequency and so do all other people with their different abilities. You can reach any state of the brain by listening to Jonathans frequencies. It helps to archieve the state easier.


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