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MP3s with sound frequencies that manipulate the brain, body, mind and health to your desired state. Additionally for binaural beats, isochronic sounds, silent subliminals and e-books.

Topics of this website:

Special sounds can crash buldings, but they also can change your heartbeat, can make you healthy, strong and powerful, increase your intelligence, create states to stimulate abilities like telepathy, psychokinesis and astral travel but also states that can be compared with LSD, Ecstasy, MDMA and other drugs.

In this shop you can find a big amount of MP3s that helps you to gain a lot of different states just by listening to it.

Matrixkicker is a spiritual meditation MP3 shop with binaural beats, isochronic tones and silent subliminals to induce lucid dreaming, astral travel and help to activate your pineal gland, improve your power of self healing, telepathy, telekinesis, power learning, braindrugs and many more abilities!

Now the help for using our frequencies:

The influence of sound on our bodies

Tones can bring houses to collapse, music can make people relax, move, delight or make them happy, then why not heal?

The meditation MP3s, developed by Jonathan Dilas, work with binaural tones that are mixed in music, so that they cause the brain to vibrate at certain frequencies, which may move it to any desired state. Thus, it is not only possible to bring about a deeper mind-body relaxation, but also the brain adapt to the frequencies of a perfectly healthy people or to allow deep meditations to dissolve headache, increase libido, build up self-confidence, expand awareness, psychic abilities and promote and resolve depression or anxiety of all kinds, the possibilities are endless!

How we have to understand this?

These MP3s in this shop are created by the well known writer and researcher of consciousness named Jonathan Dilas and produces frequencies in the brain that can move a person to the nearly any desired state. To give a simple example: The brain of a completely healthy person vibrates differently than that of a diseased person. If you move the brain to vibrate at the frequency now, which corresponds to the healthy state, for example, the body will respond accordingly. Sometimes the mere use of a MP3, who have tried these MP3s, achieve the desired state within a short time. We distinguish here between music and audio MP3s, as well as the so-called “Pure tones”.

Based on contacts by Jonathan Dilas and years of tests, he can now probably speak from the experience of hundreds of people who have corresponded with him about the effects. In addition, he has an exact frequency list that contains the state of many people in a particular brain state of vibration. With the use of this list he created MP3s.

He also works with the so-called “Silent Subliminals”, these are subliminal messages sent to the subconscious mind. They effect like commands for the brain and the sub-consciusness. A technique that was banned for the advertising world in the 70ies and appeared as a patent in the register, it has just been bought by the CIA and then has been declared to be secret. In the meantime, however, this technique has been released by the secret service and can at least be used privately now. They are strong in their effect and support the achievement of a desired state.

How does it work?

The human brain vibrates at a certain hertz frequency, depending on what state it is currently located. For simplicity, a short list of the four main standard frequencies of the brain are as follows:

State Range of Frequ. Amplitude State of Consciousness
Delta 0,50 – 4,00 Hz high (up to 200uV) Deep sleep
Theta 4,00 – 8,00 Hz low (5 uV – 20uV) sleepy (1st Sleep state)
Alpha 8,00 – 14,00 Hz high (up to 200uV) Relaxed, but awake
Beta 14,00 – 30,00 Hz low (less than 10uV) wake and focused

Light and deep meditations take place in the theta or delta state and can affect the body very positive. However, many beginners find it difficult to achieve such conditions in a short time. Often years of practice is necessary to enter consciously such states e.g. with the help of meditation or by using suggestions, maybe to heal the body, to free themselves from fear, the lack of self-confidence or other problems, or even to be able to enter the dreams consciously and trigger body experiences.

Not only concentration, attention, alertness, health and well-being, higher athletic performance, greater creativity and increased intelligence can be achieved through meditation and/or efficient suggestions, but also altered and expanded states of consciousness, more self-awareness and an effective self-therapy. Support the MP3s, started by Dilas, and promote these opportunities. To influence the subconscious mind so that it can effectively act on the body and psyche, many years of practice is needed, but in the age of digital computer technology this has become easier now:

What does it mean exactly?

A person who listens to one of these MP3s, in a relaxed state, receives about the organs of hearing sounds a certain vibration in about one of the frequency ranges, mentioned above. The listener gets gradually into a deeper state from which he can perfectly work with suggestions to change its own state of consciousness. Here do exist hundreds of different frequencies, each represent a specific state. Thus, the respective frequency decides what state you are in. In the moment of his meditation a meditator has a very different brain oscillation as, for example, a man while working or a student during his examination or a jogger during his morning run, and so a certain brain frequency is now simulated using these speficic tones and supports an easier achievement of the desired state.

What is TPT?

“TPT” means ” Time-Pitch-Ttechnology” and has been developed by Jonathan personally. It mainly works by a digital recording of suggestions with the use of this particular technique. I just create suggestions in different playback speeds, because I believe that within deeper layers of consciousness and so within the world of dreams exist a different speed of time than within our everyday world, and respective to that I build up well placed suggestions with a certain speed on these MP3s. The time can pass slower or faster in dreams. Just think of “Alice in Wonderland”, who spent several days in another world and when she returned back to their everyday live, then just had passed minutes. Or remember when you has been woken up after a long dream and you could realize that only a few minutes had passed. This is the basic meaning of TPT. This technique is, for example, mainly used in the “Personal Suggestion”.

Any headphones can be used to listen to the MP3s made by Jonathan. Though to utilize the technique of “Silent Subliminals” it requires special headphones. Only with certain headphones “Silent Subliminals” can be funneled into the subconscious by passing the filtering activity of the consciousness. Such a headphone must have a range of 15-20.000 Hz. (Note: Otherwise “Silent Subliminals” can NOT be heard by the subconscious mind, as they has to be played in a higher frequency range, which is outside the audible range for us. Standard headphones does not work here.) MP3s that contain these “Silent Subliminals” are marked with the note “SSL”!

The sounds created by me are separated into four main phases:

Phase I Lightly relexation of the body. You tend to close the eyes.
Phase II A deep relaxytion of the body and the emotion of a well feeling body.
Phase III Light sleep, optimal for suggestions and preparing for dreaming, e.g. the desire for inspiring dreams that may help by finding the soultion for a problem or to manipulate the story of a dream, the healing of the body or the usage of other kind of frequencies for body and mind.
Phase IV Deep sleep, optimal for suggestions and preparing for dreaming, e.g. the desire for inspiring dreams that may help by finding the soultion for a problem or to manipulate the story of a dream, the healing of the body or the usage and states of an expanded consciousness.

ALL MP3s include this under mixed consciousness-changing sounds that Jonathan personally created with a special audio program, edited and then banned professionally within a MP3. He has been trained by a professional sound specialists and friend from the U.S.A. to create such MP3s with these under-mixed sounds. Please be careful, because there has to exist a special knowledge to create such MP3s! There exist an inadequate experience in dealing with the creation of such tones and creating these MP3s so that they really work. Jonathan has tested some MP3 downloads fromdifferent shops in the internet and he has to realise, that more than 90% of such MP3s in the internet didn’t work. These under-mixed sounds has been distorted or even destroyed. To listen to such a distortion you do not know what unpleasant consequences this could entail, as the brain could then swing in the strangest frequencies.

Destroyed tones, which is also often the case with files from the Internet, they simply have no effect. You then are just listen to a normal audio CD or MP3. However, Jonathan can guarantee that his MP3’s do really work, because he knows the exact manufacturing procedure and knows all the pitfalls that exist by creating such MP3’s. Most foreign MP3s that he tested were often not created correctly. Some of them were even sold for years on the Internet.

Caution for Smartphones users:

iTunes and Google doesn’t allow direct downloads of private MP3s. So you have have to download with computer first. Then unzip the file. After this you can copy the MP3 to your smartphone if you like or to a MP3-player. Use the software “Copy Trans” to copy it to your smartphone. Every file can be downloaded three times for 14 days.

Side effects and important notes:

*Side effects: While listening to the MP3s it MAY lead, or thereafter, to a temporary disorientation, temporary confusion or short-term anxiety. The MP3 may not be suggested for epileptics, persons with heart diseases or if choleric. Pregnant women should not hear the MP3 after 6 months because the side effects are still unknown. Each user of this MP3s is responsible for listening to this MP3s and its possible side- effects by himself and accept this by buying these MP3s it! Jonathan Dilas assumes no liability! Please consider this carefully before purchasing one of his /MP3s!
Note: In addition, it should be noted that in this store only audio support and e-books are sold. These articles are intended to support the brain in reaching certain frequencies, which makes an arbitrarily desired state more accessible. There is no guarantee that this condition will be achieved.
Jonathan Dilas would like to thank the programmers of brainwave and Cool Edit. You have created tools that allow beginners and also advanced meditating people to move faster and more effectively in the world of positive self-influence, meditation, self-healing and dreaming.
Jonathan Dilas assumes no responsibility for the use of this MP3s, neither for the possible effects that could caused by this, or for damage to any players. To his knowledge, this subtly blended tones are usually completely harmless. With emergence of headaches or other physical or mental discomfort by listening to the MP3s should be postponed to the following day or the volume should be lowered. This MP3s are probably unsuitable for children under 12 years old, epileptic, pregnant women and heart patients.